About Platform

The Greeks for Help A Dane platform

  ...serves as a host for the community in which local volunteers help the Danes visiting their area to gain unique experiences and memories. Through their presence and information provided to them, they participate in the protection of the Danish people from the sun's harmful radiation and create a pleasant experience of travel, which remains indelibly engraved in their memory.

  Purpose of community is to strengthen human contact, in a world that thirsts for it, to show propriety and humanity. Aside from showcasing the local region, volunteers highlight our endowments, express more possibilities, and are given the opportunity to be useful to other human beings. Volunteers get familiarized with each other, exchange opinions, participate in groups with common features and interests, help the Danes, but also themselves.

  The Danes receive information about their destination and experience Greek hospitality by participating in volunteer activities. They get to know the place that they are visiting better, learn the customs and traditions & discover hidden beauties. At the end of the activity, we manage to achieve a smile on the face of each participant and see them become a better person than they were prior to meeting.

  The desire of our community is for the Danish people to want to return to the volunteers’ region, to make them want their own conversion into volunteers, helping those who will visit their region and in turn highlight their own characteristics. In this way, the communitys’ message will continue to be transmitted to new people. Our vision is to create real travel experiences based on human contact, linking visitors with the locals.