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  Geolocation is used by our platform and it allow weather be more specific displaying you the current weather of your location. Everything is updating at same time, prevailing in the location we are in. Some details are Weather, Message, Protection Signals. Depending on the temperature-weather and when other indicators exceed some upper values, the protection signals are activated.


Protection Signals

You have to wear a wide brim hat.

Don't forget to stay in the shade.

Wear UV-absorbent sunglasses.

Wear tightly clothing that blocks out light.

Use sunscreen with a high protection index.

Take an umbrella with you, it will rain.

P.S. When the Protection Signals are rounded by circled borders, it shows you which one is active. In result, for your protection, you may need to do as the active signals are warning you.

Supporters Online

   Tracking system is based on Geolocation but is only enabled - available by your decision. Which means, you can enable it wherever you want to show your position on other supporters around and interact with them. Or by in opposite case, by the time you want to see others location and interact. In result, on both cases, you need to enable this feature. By default this feature is disabled, so in this situation your location is not available into your map nor on others. Just Geolocation keeps updating weather and other conditions keeping you informed.

P.S. Our platform, is based on Geolocation. We want to be clear on you that we will never share your location with third party software(s). So in case you block the Geolocation by your browser, you are unavailable to see any of these features.