About Wall


  ...or Feed is our "Home Page", after the user has signed in. In that case the home page will be different to use (here) from other social networks. Optically our network will be related - familiar on those you 're using til now, but still are plenty of new features for keeping you informed and by having fun (here). Except those new features we have included into profile, we have also keeping you interacting with others with the same methods as Chat, Notifications, Requests, Posts and some other unique patterns to interact with others in a meaning.


  So we call our network users to share their memories from trips, local monuments or their time spending well on activities with some photo(s), gif(s), video(s). We want everyone learn the other's culture, land, people and etc. Share your memories by interactive with others having the same activities. Help other people leave their routine in a meaningful way.


  So if you are ready to share your memories and be other's local guide, you could do it in simplest and the fastest way. Only by clicking the circled button, that you can find it at your left - bottom.
  As you can see at the image (below), there are plenty features for you to use and share with your image(s), gif(s), video(s). As you can see there is a feature for you to Upload (1) any kind of the format we previously mentioned. To set the location of the post with Check in (2). Of course we couldn't let your emotion(s) be away, by the time we already add the feature of Feelings (3). At last we put our favorite Emoticons (4) be part of our community - network. In the end you can share your post by using Hashtags (5) so users can search the related tags easier and/or Mentions (6) so you can tag a supporter with your activity.
In the end, all you have to do is just click the Post and the platform will carry your post publishing it into the wall. If you have any question of how to use or in general, just contact us by clicking here!